Parent FAQ

What is sorority recruitment?

Recruitment is a time set aside for women to meet sorority members, learn about our sisterhood and decide which sorority would be the best fit for them. Membership in a sorority is voluntary and is the result of a mutual selection process. There are two types of recruitment here at the University of Oregon. Fall Primary Recruitment usually occurs in early October and lasts a few days. Every sorority chapter participates in primary recruitment. During the year some sorority chapters also participate in informal, or COB, recruitment. Informal recruitment are events such as doing crafts at the chapter's house to meeting at the local frozen yogurt store. The events change every semester and are a great way to meet chapter members and see if you would like to join a sorority.


What is the time commitment of a sorority?

There is definitely a time commitment that comes with being in a sorority, however there are many opportunities for leadership roles and networking. We have some events that are mandatory, such as chapters, and some that are optional, such as photoshoots and socials. It is encouraged that members go to as many non-mandatory events as possible as they are a great way to strength bonds with sisters even more and create lasting memories.


How much does a sorority cost? 

Each sorority has different costs and fees. We pay national dues and chapter dues, new member fees and housing fees, as well as some small fees for t-shirts and badges. Our VP of Finance is happy to work with members to find a payment plan that best fits their needs. For more information about the financial responsibilities of being in a sorority visit our national website at


Will joining Sigma Kappa take away from my daughter's college education?

Absolutely not! We understand the importance of academics and as a result have a scholarship program aimed to help ensure that all of our members are exceeding in their classes. The program gives all of our members information about free campus tutoring and academic services, as well as creating numerous study sessions for our members that happen all over campus each week! Furthermore, our chapter house has a small library filled with textbooks donated by members and free green books around finals.


How can I be involved as a parent?

Your support is the most important part! Talk with your daughter about what we do at Sigma Kappa. Learn about Sigma Kappa by visiting the national website and subscribing to the magazine, the Sigma Kappa Triangle. We also hold a Mom's and Dad's weekend, where families can come and hang out at the house and learn more about what we do here at Sigma Kappa!